“From a granny in a mushroom hat to an elegant young woman”: The stylists did their best.

From a granny in a mushroom hat to an elegant young woman! 🌟 Stylists worked their magic, transforming her look completely. See the incredible before and after photos that are leaving everyone in awe! 💄👗✨

“From a granny in a mushroom hat to an elegant young woman”: The stylists tried their best 

The main character of the program was sixty-seven-year-old Nadezhda.

She was brought to the project by her grandson, who thinks his grandmother’s clothing style is too bright and sophisticated. Often a woman is noticed on the street and her grandson does not like such a stir around his grandmother.

Grandma really dresses very original.  This is confirmed by a photograph from the man’s personal archive. She has a lot of hats and jewelry. The woman openly calls herself a shopaholic. At the same time, Nadezhda buys most of her things for herself in underground passages.

Evelina Khromchenko examined the woman’s wardrobe with interest.  She found many strange and unusual things in him. Nadezhda is married and very happy in her marriage. Her husband sees nothing wrong with his wife’s taste.

For the first time in the history of the program, the participant did not choose things for herself in the “Fashion Store”, but showed off her own wardrobe.

The things that Nadezhda showed looked strange, to put it mildly. Previously, the woman worked as a French teacher. This is a very serious and meaningful profession. Why did she change her image so radically?

The third image, presented by a woman, looks especially “spectacular.” She used ripped jeans and decorated the holes in them with strands of beads. She did all this on her own.

Now let’s take a look at the work of the stylists!  Such a transformation is nothing short of amazing! The stylists preserved the brightness and individuality of the mature lady, while making her very elegant and beautiful.

Besides, Nadezhda is fifteen years younger!

Her first look  consisted of a bright red suit and a stylish headdress.

The woman’s second “look”  is even cooler than the first. It is very stylish and multifunctional.

It is created by blue trousers, an elongated jacket, an original hat and youthful glasses.

The third look  consists of a formal dress. It looks impressive with lemon shoes and a stylish scarf headdress.

In this role, the main character is simply unrecognizable.

The transformation was a great success!

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