“From an unkempt woman to a well-groomed “old lady”: The haircut is fashionable, but the color ruined everything

From frumpy to fabulous! ✨ Witness the stunning transformation of an unkempt woman into a well-groomed old lady. While her new haircut is ultra-fashionable, the color choice sparked some controversy.

This transformation is the work of a Brazilian master.  The main character turned to him with many problems, such as overgrown gray roots, thin strands, and an unaesthetic hairstyle. The woman’s hair was slightly below her shoulders and her appearance left much to be desired. The main character painted them with low-quality paint in a dark color. This also negatively affected the health of her hair.

The master suggested cutting off the damaged hair and giving the main character a bob.  The woman agreed.

Then the hairdresser gathered her strands into several ponytails and cut off part of their length.  Now her hair was just down to her shoulders.

After this, the master dyed the strands a light color using a special brush. In this way he processed every strand.

After some time, the hairdresser washed off the paint.

The hair was indeed very lightened, but it had a slightly yellowish tint.

Now the master began to work on the desired hair color and creating the optimal haircut.  First, he applied a special tinting agent to his client’s hair.

Her hair was now a shade of true grey. Probably, the woman herself asked to do this so as not to bother with painting her roots every month. The spray also saturated the hair with various beneficial substances and vitamins.

Now it’s time to move on to the next step.

The master removed the hair from the front and cut it very short at the back of the head.  This had to be done in order to model the necessary shape of the hairstyle and a beautiful transition. After this, the hairdresser began cutting the sides and top of the head.

He paid special attention to the front of his client’s head, because that’s what people pay attention to first. 

After this, the master dried the hair with a hairdryer and styled it with a side parting.

The client was very satisfied. Her hair looked alive and her hairstyle was voluminous. The color of her hair highlighted the shade of her eyes. The main character also received professional makeup. The woman began to look gorgeous!

This hairstyle and styling did not age the main character at all, but, on the contrary, gave her charm. Gray hair looks very natural and beautiful. The woman has noticeably looked younger!

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