“Pinch me.” From a smiling simpleton to a charming madam

You will be amazed to see the end result. Transformation Triumph! Witness the incredible journey of a simple grandmother to a charming madam. This makeover will leave you in awe! 🌟💇‍♀️

Girls, spring has come. Each of us dreams of celebrating the long-awaited time of year in full dress. Many ladies began to fuss, remembering an urgent trip to a nail specialist or hairdresser. I’m sure we all have unfinished women’s business. Today I would like to introduce you to a real sorceress.

I present to your attention the stylist Shafag Navruz, who works real miracles, transforming ordinary women into unreal beauties. Eliza was not going to go to an appointment with the famous master.

Apparently, she has not visited hairdressers and makeup artists for a very long time, giving up on her appearance. This friendly woman told Shafag that she dedicated her entire life to her children and husband. A classic of the genre, isn’t it?

Today, when the children have grown up and moved to different cities, the woman found some free time for herself and decided to accept the master’s invitation.

Shafag met a simpleton on the street of her hometown and immediately imagined how she could help this sweet woman.

Just look how great Eliza has transformed.

Makeup works wonders.

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