“Thank you son-in-law for the eyebrows!”: but the stylists fixed everything

The son-in-low demonstrated his basic skills of tatooing on the eyebrows of this woman. But the stylists fixed everything. Now no man will leave such a beauty!!! You won’t believe the before and after! 😲👏

What a LUXURIOUS woman!!! Bravo to the stylists! Now no man will leave such a beauty!!!

Many viewers in the studio, as well as the presenters, were touched by the program participant’s story about her personal life. She really had a difficult life with incredible twists and turns. The heroine had to go through a lot.

The judges of “Fashionable Sentence” were amazed by the eyebrows of the program participant. It turned out that her son-in-law made her eyebrows like that. He once learned the basics of tattooing. So I decided to demonstrate my skills on my own mother-in-law. The heroine really liked eyebrows in the shape of thin threads.

It’s time to go to a fashion store. First, the heroine showed off a red dress. It fit quite well. However, the woman said that it was somewhat reminiscent of a nightgown. Therefore, this image does not suit her.

The second exit resembled the image in which the heroine came. In everyday life, she prefers boots, tight trousers and a sweater.

In the third appearance, the participant showed off a blue guipure dress. The host of “Fashionable Sentence” Alexander Vasiliev really liked it. He said that this was the most successful image of those chosen by the heroine and her daughter-in-law. True, the woman herself was dissatisfied with her appearance. She didn’t like the dress.

The stylists did a great job. The participant was transformed beyond recognition. This applies to both appearance and clothing. It felt like she looked several years younger.

The first look was elegant. The bright coat looked especially impressive. Of course, it is unclear whether the heroine would wear a coat of this color in real life, but she looked very impressive on the catwalk.

The second image was created in military style. The set was impeccable. True, the headdress did not quite fit this image.

A red dress completed the show. It fit the heroine perfectly and emphasized her ideal forms. It should be noted that for a 49-year-old woman, the heroine has a good figure. Therefore, all the things selected by the stylists fit her like a glove.

The most important thing about the heroine’s appearance was that the makeup artists changed her eyebrows. They were not thin threads hanging down. The participant had a good make-up done. The same can be said about the hairstyle. Asymmetry suits a woman’s face. So she began to look much younger.

The heroine left in a good mood, because she herself really liked how the professionals transformed her.

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