The Internet is discussing with bewilderment Zac Efron’s face, which has changed even more due to plastic surgery: photo

Since Zac Efron broke his jaw in a bad fall in his own home in 2021, his face has begun to change noticeably. A situation that was comical at first glance, but ultimately turned out to be partly tragic for the actor, led to facial deformation: the jaw took on an unnaturally square appearance. To prevent further consequences, Efron had to see a plastic surgeon.

However, fans who sincerely sympathize with the star of Disney films are sure that somewhere he is definitely being disingenuous. In addition to the changed lower part of the face, it is impossible not to notice the fillers in the cheeks and forehead, and his eyes even more betray attempts at enhancement. In addition, fans note with horror that Zach’s face is becoming less and less recognizable each time. Fresh footage from the film “Family Affair” starring Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman especially impressed the audience.

“I don’t know what Zac Efron did to his face, but I’m scared,” “I understand that this guy in Family Affair is Zac Efron… But what did he do to his face!? This is alarming”, “Zac Efron changes his face for every new film. Is this a marketing ploy? – write surprised Internet users.

We, of course, hope that Zac Efron simply decided to indulge in beauty injections, and is not forced to constantly go under the knife due to the consequences of a broken jaw. 

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