What does a baby look like now, born weighing 7 kg? A real hero

One of the largest babies was born in Ukraine in 2018. The baby’s weight was 7 kg.

The couple admit that the boy’s gender and weight came as a surprise not only to them, but also to the doctors. Due to severe discomfort, doctors thought that Natalya had polyhydramnios, but only after the birth of the boy did it become clear what the reason was.

It is worth noting that this is the eighth child in the family, but the only and first boy! The baby was named Nikolai. According to the father, he did not believe the doctors when his sons told him about the sex. And he demanded to take off the diapers to see for himself.

Despite the fact that the couple live in an old house and barely earn a living, they are happy and do not regret having a large family.

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