«When Sylvester Stallone’s ex-wife and her young husband attended a fashion show, they proudly showed their 5-year-old daughter!»😳

The sixty-year-old Brigitte Nielsen, best known for her performance in “Rocky,” is blissfully married to Mattia Dessi, forty-five. They raise their daughter Frida together. As someone who values privacy, Nielsen seldom goes out with her husband. They did, however, just make an exception for a German fashion show.

With her short blonde hair styled with gel for a chic touch, Nielsen radiated elegance. She looked stunning, with glossy lip gloss drawing attention to her makeup, and she wore a black and white shirtdress that was delicately belted at the waist. A leather purse and black shoes with a low heel completed her look. Dessi wore black pants, leather boots, and a white T-shirt for a more laid-back vibe.

The pair, grinning and giving each other warm hugs, showed off their love for one another while posing for photographers. Fans admired Nielsen as she gave her husband a tender look.
Social media users highlighted Nielsen’s glowing look and Dessi’s obvious adoration while applauding the couple’s happy marriage.

Five marriages and five kids make up Nielsen’s marital history. Notably, she married Sylvester Stallone for two years during her second marriage.

She is now truly satisfied with her present spouse, though. Nielsen, then 55, accepted parenthood despite her early reservations, and the birth went well and ended in a vaginal delivery.







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