“Obesity and a bald head!” This is what the mother of Michael Jackson’s children looks like now

“Obesity and a bald head!” This is what the mother of Michael Jackson’s children looks like now.The transformation of Michael Jackson’s children’s mother will leave you speechless.

Jackson was madly in love with Lisa Marie, whom he eventually married in 1994.
While Jackson and Lisa did not have children, the musician had three children with Debbie Rowe!
See what the mother of Michael’s children looks like now years later in this article!

In addition to his rapid career in the world of music, Michael Jackson, deservedly nicknamed the King of Pop,
aroused public interest with his personal life.
By all accounts, the legendary musician’s greatest love was Lisa, whom he married in 1994.

However, she broke his heart by filing for divorce just 2 years after their wedding.
The couple had no children together.

In 1996, Jackson married an ordinary midwife, who later admitted
that her marriage to the legendary artist was not based on love.

With Debbie Rowe he had three adorable children who are now grown up. It was in the hospital that the future couple first crossed paths.
At the time, Debbie was a dermatologist’s assistant. It became known that Lisa was categorically against having children with Jackson, and it was Debbie who offered him her help.

Just imagine the children’s surprise and disappointment when their mother asked a judge to terminate her parental rights in 2001.
Debbie is rumored to have battled cancer and now looks completely bald and overweight. Insiders claim that she occasionally visits her children.

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