😲«51-year-old Jennifer Lopez shared a bold photo from her bathroom, without makeup or filters!»😍

D. Lopez revealed in her most recent interview that she is feeling better than ever and is quite pleased right now.

Although the actress hasn’t revealed the real cause of her happier disposition, her admirers are certain that B. Affleck, with whom she just got back together, is the only one to blame. This occurred 17 years following the breakup of the famous couple.

According to what we know, Lopez had to break up with her four-year-old lover, A. Rodriguez, to go back to Ben. Ben, on the other hand, had already finished his relationship with actress A. de Armas; thus, he was already single at that point.

The famous couple doesn’t plan to hide from fans’ and journalists’ inquisitive gazes today. Jennifer even shared a fascinating selfie she took in the restroom. The artist just proved that love enhances a woman’s beauty by doing this.

The vocalist entered the bathtub and took several sultry pictures. Notably, J. Lo didn’t have her hair or makeup on when she was photographed. She also chose not to use Photoshop, yet she still had a stunning appearance.

The star’s fans instantly explained everything away by saying that you don’t need cosmetics or Photoshop when you’re having such a great time in your life. The artist is additionally ornamented today by having such a handsome boyfriend by her side!



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