“Harry Potter” star Emma Watson was spotted in the company of her new lover: photo

The great recluse Emma Watson rarely makes it clear what is going on in her personal life. Last year, the 34-year-old Harry Potter star broke off her engagement to an eligible bachelor, the son of British billionaire Brandon Green. Soon the actress was suspected of having a new relationship , but, of course, there was no confirmation.

Now a new contender for the heart of our beloved Hermione has appeared on the horizon. The other day, the star was spotted in the company of a new man in one of the Oxford confectionery shops. A casual visitor to the cafe who shared the photo with the Daily Mail said the couple had a “nice vibe”.

“She didn’t seem to be trying to hide, she was just standing next to him in line. No one really reacted to her, but I saw that people in the cafe recognized her,” he said. But judging by the photo, Emma did not care about those around her – she only looked at her companion.

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