Jennifer Lopez’s mom reacted to her daughter’s separation from Ben Affleck: “I wasted years”

The couple continues to tease the public: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez alternately take off and put on their wedding rings and completely ignore a possible separation. Nevertheless, insiders insist: everything is extremely bad for the spouses. For example, one of the sources hinted that the lovers have already begun divorce proceedings . And Jen’s mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, who was in seventh heaven after Bennifer’s reunion, changed her mercy to anger towards her son-in-law.

A Daily Mail source said that the woman is rushing her daughter to quickly file for divorce. She is sure: her heiress should not fight for marriage with a man who did not need this relationship. Moreover, the star has already “wasted more than one year.” “Mom tells Jen, ‘Stop wasting yourself and move on so you don’t make this mess worse,'” the insider was quoted as saying by the outlet. “Guadalupe is sure that this marriage caused too much damage to her daughter: she forgot who she is and what she lives for.”

The singer’s sisters, Lesley Ann and Linda, completely share their mother’s opinion – and Jen herself, it seems, is already on the verge. Lopez is upset by the fact that Ben does not notice her feelings. She, the source added, is ready to fight for the relationship and demonstrates this in every possible way. “There is a woman loved by millions who will love him forever. And he would rather give up than try to fix everything,” the informant concluded.

Affleck, by the way, has already moved things out of Lopez’s house and seems ready to temporarily move in with his closest person, ex-wife Jennifer Garner. By the way, he has the keys . True, even the patient actress can no longer cope with the always dissatisfied Ben and his endless problems.

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