The son asked to stop the car. When mom realized why, she burst into tears of pride and happiness!

She cried with pride that she had raised such a wonderful person!

One cold winter morning, a woman was driving home with her 18-year-old son, Tommy.

They were listening to music and chatting, when suddenly he abruptly asked to stop the car.

The frightened mother slammed on the brakes and began to closely monitor her son’s actions, not understanding what was happening.

I got scared and asked: “What happened?!”

– Teresa Adams, Tommy’s mother, recalls.
The woman tells how abruptly her son asked to stop and turn back… It scared her.

I just told my mom to turn around and stop

– says Tommy.

It turns out that he noticed a man on the side of the road who clearly needed help. Clarence Coleman, 76, is disabled. The fact is that in the morning a snowplow drove by, which threw all the snow onto the path to his house. He was trying to clear away the snowdrifts in the cold.

An elderly man who could not move without crutches stood and tried to remove snow. When I saw this, I immediately realized that I simply had to help!

– says Tom.

Jumping out of the car, he immediately went to Coleman and offered his help. Clarence was taken aback at first. Many cars passed him that morning, but no one stopped to help. Coleman didn’t even know what to answer and was very surprised. But a smile appeared on the man’s face.

He was happy and looked tired. I told him to go back indoors because it was very cold. Any decent person would do exactly this!

– says Tommy.

At this time, Teresa, who was watching Tommy’s actions, burst into tears of happiness. She was incredibly proud of her son: was she really able to raise him to be such a noble and kind person?! She took a couple of photos of her hero and later posted them on Facebook, describing that morning in detail.

Teresa felt an incredible sense of pride and joy. She wanted to share the kindness of her beloved son with the world. Raising a real man is not such an easy task, but Teresa did it! We hope that you also managed to raise worthy people. Humanity is a factor that is largely instilled in a child by the family!

I was so proud that I couldn’t hold back my tears…

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