😮«The son of Tom Cruise gained weight and became unrecognizable which caused fans critics and discussions! What is the reason?»🤔

Tom Voyage has, as of late, caused a blend on social media with an open appearance with his child, Connor Journey.

On June 28, the father-son group ventured out of a helicopter and made a sensational entry into the heart of London. Tom, who was wearing pants and a casual gray t-shirt, looked cheerful as he strolled the exterior, whereas Connor, 29, who is well-known for enjoying to angle and was wearing a dark sweatshirt and gray slacks, looked more genuine.

Online comments to the photo of Tom and Connor together were quick, with a few fans deploring the reality that Tom skipped his daughter’s graduation to go to a Taylor Quick execution. One client lamented, “So unjustifiable for Suri,” drawing consideration to Tom’s non-appearance at his daughter’s critical event.

The father-son pair’s appearance too drew feedback from commenters, who pointed out that Connor appeared older than Tom and that Tom had a more carefree state of mind than his child. Discourses over Tom’s family elements, particularly contrasting suppositions around his consideration of his girl Suri vs. Connor, were started by the excursion.


Tom Voyage is continuously being observed by the media and his supporters as he navigates his individual and proficient lives with disdain toward open consideration.


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