Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon no longer hide and openly show feelings in public: photo

It has happened: 60-year-old Brad Pitt and his 34-year-old fiancee Ines de Ramon finally appeared in public, holding hands and not hiding from the paparazzi. An epochal event took place at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Great Britain.

This is their first official appearance as a couple. Previously, doves were only photographed on the sly . Lovely to watch!

In recent months, there have been rumors that the couple have moved in together and are also thinking about getting married and having a child. So, at the end of June, an insider reported that Pitt would propose to his chosen one this summer. Well, going out for the first time together is definitely a step in the right direction. Now we are waiting for the engagement and are a little worried about Angelina Jolie against the backdrop of frightening information about her health. It seems that any good news that concerns her ex-husband could provoke an aggravation.

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