Mom did not understand what was happening to her baby and where she got all these wounds on her face. But then she remembered what happened 8 months ago…

Mom did not understand what was happening to her baby and where she got all these wounds on her face. But then she remembered what happened 8 months ago… Discover the surprising and emotional story behind this mystery in the comments…

WARNING: This can happen to anyone. Be very careful, don’t let this happen!

Sienna Duffield’s family celebrated her second birthday. The day after the celebration, the girl’s mother, Savina French-Bell, noticed a strange rash on her daughter’s face. Thus began a terrible period in the life of the family.

It would be a long eight months before doctors finally figured out what was causing the horrific rash on Sienna’s face.

“The rash looked terrible. It looked like someone had thrown acid in her face. The rash spread from her mouth to her cheeks and to the area above her eyes,” Sienna’s mother said.

This was the beginning of a long nightmare. Sienna’s severe rash wouldn’t go away, and doctors weren’t sure what to do. The girl suffered for eight long months.


Sienna’s condition worsened. Her face was covered in painful blisters that bled when they burst.

Sienna’s clothes were constantly covered in blood, and she had difficulty eating due to the pain around her mouth.

Mom often had to refrain from going out with her daughter because of other people’s glances and heartless comments.

At first, doctors thought Sienna’s rash was caused by eczema or allergies. But none of the drugs they prescribed helped. Eventually, Sienna was hospitalized. She could no longer eat, and doctors hooked her up to an IV.

It was a nightmare for the mother, the unknown is what scares the most, especially when something incomprehensible kills your child, and no one knows what to treat the baby for!

In search of the cause of the illness, Sienna’s mother carefully recalled the events that could have caused her daughter’s painful rash. Only eight months later did Savina remember that one of her relatives had once kissed Sienna.

It turned out that a relative had herpes.


Sienna was infected with herpes simplex virus type 1. Finally, doctors could choose the right treatment.

Soon enough, Sienna’s skin healed and she was able to eat on her own again.

“Over the last few months, Sienna’s face has looked amazing and the infection has cleared up,” Savina said.

“There is always a danger that the disease will return. But fingers crossed we hope that doesn’t happen and her skin looks as healthy as it does now. It’s great when you can go out and not hear terrible comments about you.”

Now Savina wants to warn other parents not to let anyone kiss their children. Anyone can be a carrier of herpes, as its symptoms may not be visible to the eye. And young children are especially sensitive to it.

We hope little Sienna never has to go through this again!

We previously wrote about Claire Henderson, whose baby almost died after contracting oral herpes through a kiss.

Kissing can be very dangerous for young children. Please share this information with all parents of young children you know. Perhaps this will avoid such cases.

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