When the woman was brought to the maternity ward, the doctors were afraid to touch her. This has never happened before in their practice.

When 36-year-old Odessa resident Oksana Kobeletskaya found out that she was expecting a child again, she was incredibly happy. Together with her husband Sergei, Oksana was raising a three-year-old daughter, and the couple was looking forward to adding to the family. But what should have been a joyful, but quite ordinary family event, turned into a worldwide sensation.

Doctors were stunned when a woman arrived at the maternity ward with a condition they’d never encountered. The extraordinary circumstances left medical staff hesitant and cautious. Discover what happened next.

The couple never planned to have a very large family. Two children – why not an ideal option?

In addition, neither of them had ever had twins in their family. And Oksana was absolutely sure that such stories were not about her…

However, during one of the most routine physical examinations, the doctors told the woman something that changed her life 360 ​​degrees!

“Everything was like everyone else: bare stomach, gel and sensor. But when the doctor started looking at the screen, her face changed greatly, and I was seriously scared,” Oksana recalls. – “I remember how she began to count the number of fruits out loud and said that for this they should give me a house by the sea…”

Finally, the doctor summed it up: the ultrasound clearly showed five fetuses! The birth of quintuplets without artificial insemination is a very rare occurrence: one in 55 million. And while Oksana was struggling to digest the news, the doctors were already excitedly discussing their unique patient. Most of their colleagues will never see this in their entire lives!

“I couldn’t comprehend that this was happening to me. It seemed to me that I was in a surreal dream and was about to wake up,” the woman recalls. The expectant parents struggled to digest the shocking news. After all, all the plans that they had made for the future would now have to be changed… But there was no question of refusing such a gift of fate.

Labor began at 30 weeks. When Oksana arrived at the hospital, eight doctors and nurses were already waiting for her in the maternity ward. Oksana later recalled that the doctors treated her like a crystal vase – extremely carefully.

Three boys and two girls were born by caesarean section. Contrary to the doctors’ fears, all five were healthy, although at first they needed additional care.

Of course, as soon as they were born, Daria, Alexandra, Denis, Vladislav and David immediately became real stars. Their birth is the only known case in the history of the country.

Five months have already passed. Oksana and Sergei seem to have become quite comfortable with the role of parents of many children. When they go for a walk with five strollers at once, passers-by simply cannot help but smile.

The large family now lives in a new apartment – a gift from the government to the famous quintuplets. On her Instagram and Facebook pages, Oksana publishes photos of her “pearls” and their charming older sister.

Who knows, maybe these five will be able to debut as models soon. They clearly have the makings!

Happiness or trial? Or a test of happiness? Whatever it is, Oksana and Sergei cope with it with honor. All that remains is to wish this beautiful family all the best – good luck, health and peaceful skies!

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