😢«Jennifer Lopez Appearing Worried After Losing Weight And Divorcing: What is The Reason?»😳

A new video that Jennifer Lopez released on Instagram is part of her marketing push for JLo Beauty. The singer’s extremely slim appearance was noted by fans right away.

Some people said that Lopez, 54, had a fantastic appearance. One of her fans remarks, “I want to be as slim as JLo,” in the comments. But a lot of people believe that Lopez has grown too thin, and one critic even said that Jennifer had “lost the assets” that made her famous.

Supporters of the singer conjectured that Lopez could have shed pounds as a result of stress brought on by problems in her union with 51-year-old Ben Affleck.

The pair is reportedly on the verge of divorce, but insiders say they are attempting to rescue their union—with the help of Affleck’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, who is reportedly tired of the circumstances.

But PageSix sources said the previous day that Lopez and Affleck’s union “fell apart several months ago.” A close insider said they recognized they couldn’t continue their relationship as early as March.

The latter is supported by recent events: rumor has it that Ben Affleck packed up everything he had and moved out of the house he lived in with Lopez while she was on vacation in Europe.

There are a number of explanations offered for the split, including the claims that Ben has resumed drinking, which his wife disapproves of, and that Affleck is fed up with the focus that his relationship receives (thus his frequently sour expressions).

This was their second try at a relationship; they had a romantic connection in the early 2000s that almost resulted in marriage, and in 2021, after a 17-year break, they resumed dating and were married the following year.



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