A mother was breastfeeding her baby in a store and was told it was “disgusting.” What she did was to silence all the offended people!

A mother was breastfeeding her baby in a store and was told it was “disgusting.” What she did made everyone speechless.
I agree with every word of this brave girl!!!

There have always been and will be opponents to breastfeeding in public places. Some people even make comments to mothers breastfeeding in public, sometimes in a rather rude manner.

New mother Whitney Hunters was once told that breastfeeding in front of everyone was disgusting. The words spoken by the stranger hurt her so much that she decided to post an open letter on the Internet on behalf of all breastfeeding mothers. However, she had no idea that her thoughts were shared by thousands of people! You will understand why her letter received such publicity after reading it.

Whitney posted the following photo along with her letter:

Here is the same letter that the girl published on her Facebook:

“Anytime. Anywhere. You can watch, I don’t care. I will feed my hungry child anywhere. I don’t care if people don’t like to see my naked breasts. Restaurant? Shop? Who cares! Theater? Museum? You are more concerned about my bare breasts than about a hungry child!

Bottle milk or breast milk is all food for a baby. Do you still think that I should cover my breasts when I breastfeed? Run and complain to your mom. Don’t forget to take a photo for proof! Am I causing problems by breastfeeding? Can we stop interfering in other people’s affairs? Then there will be no problems! Disgusting? Do you think I think so? Do I want to attract attention? You are wrong, because all that matters to me is that my child is fed!

Sincerely, Whitney, a ‘terrible’ breastfeeding mom and her breastfed son.”

Whitney posted this appeal on Facebook to let as many people know about it. And she did it – her post has already been shared by more than 145,000 people.

With her letter, Whitney managed to silence many of the opponents of breastfeeding in public places.

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