Demi Moore has given up dating guys forever for one unusual reason

Demi Moore has sworn off dating younger men, and her reason might surprise you! Discover what led the Hollywood icon to make this unusual decision.

Demi Moore has made a major decision regarding her personal life: the actress no longer goes on dates or parties. At 61, the “Ghost” star decided that from now on she didn’t want to waste a single minute of her free time looking for her soulmate. After all, there are more important things to do!

An insider close to the celebrity, in a conversation with Radar, said that Demi has not been in a relationship for more than two years, apart from short-term flings. She realized that she was much happier spending time at home with her animals. “Demi always says that her dogs mean more to her than anyone else except her children – and she doesn’t see anything wrong with that. Her dogs bring her so much joy and their love is so reliable and sincere. Unlike most people she meets, who always have ulterior motives, all her dogs want is to be fed and loved,” an anonymous source explained the reason for Demi’s refusal to date.

It is clarified that the actress’s friends are seriously worried about this. In their opinion, Moore is not yet at the age to push her personal life into a box, but she seems to be happy with everything. She is not shy about preferring an evening in the company of her favorites instead of going to a noisy party. Eligible Hollywood bachelors, including Jason Momoa, who was fascinated by Demi Moore, tried to woo her, but to no avail.

According to the publication’s interlocutor, this is due to the fact that none of Demi Moore’s novels turned out to have a happy ending. And even young Joe Jonas , who fell head over heels in love with a celebrity, could not convince her.

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