The 48-year-old star of “Clone” Giovanna Antonelli showed her figure in a swimsuit and delighted fans of the series: “Better than Jade”

Giovanna Antonelli, the 48-year-old star of ‘Clone,’ stunned fans with her incredible swimsuit figure. Her look is even more captivating than her iconic role as Jade!

After the release of the last episode of “Clone,” many actors went into a lull, but not Giovanna Antonelli, who played the role of Zhadi. The celebrity still makes headlines in the world’s tabloids, and more than 20 million people follow her life on Instagram*. Not surprising. The 48-year-old actress keeps up with the times – she shoots comic reels and from time to time publishes shots in a swimsuit.

The last series of shots especially delighted fans: Joanna showed her figure from different angles and proved that even in adulthood you can wear an open swimsuit and look stunning. “Better than Jade,” “I’m 25, I don’t look like that,” “Incredible Giovanna,” “You can see a lot of work on yourself, keep it up,” fans wrote to the star.

However, Giovanna got such a figure for a reason. Sports and proper nutrition became firmly established in the actress’s life when, after the birth of twins, she gained 10 kilograms. Having said goodbye to excess weight, she continued intense training. Classes twice a week under the supervision of a trainer and the absence of buns in your diet – and you are the owner of a luxurious figure.

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