6,500,000 views: the museum showed how the inside of a Faberge egg works

This is simply fantastic art 👏👏👏! How could this be created?👇

Today, Faberge eggs have become synonymous with luxury, wealth and status. The very first work was made in 1885. Then Emperor Alexander III specially ordered it from jewelers as a gift for his beloved wife, Maria Feodorovna. The Empress liked the idea so much that she instructed jewelers to make such beauty once a year.

Carl Faberge himself immediately began working at court. True, he received one condition. All eggs produced must be completely unique, with a new idea and interesting filling. Later, the new emperor wanted to continue this tradition. But now Karl had to make 2 eggs – 1 for his wife, the second for the mother of Nicholas II.

It is known that one copy was created within one year! By the way, all the jewelers who worked with Faberge were quite wealthy men. They had their own companies. But they all wanted to take part in creating a gift for members of the imperial family; they considered it an honor.

First, all the jewelers began to develop an idea for the future egg, then they drew a sketch of the future masterpiece. Only after this did the painstaking work begin. And since other people also took part in the process, the researchers are confident that there is no point in talking about the absolute authorship of Karl’s eggs.

It is known that Faberge eggs very quickly gained fame throughout the world. Therefore, the jewelry company at the imperial court carried out other private orders. As is known, there were no more than 15 of them. They are not so original and expensive, in most cases they copy eggs for the empress.

We are sure that you were definitely interested in seeing what is actually in the eggs themselves. After all, as historians say, the emperor tried to give them small surprises for his wife. Play the video below, where you can see all the contents of the legendary Faberge eggs!

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