A brilliant dance by prisoners in memory of Michael Jackson

This is what happens when a prison warden is obsessed with Michael Jackson

An incredible flash mob took place in the Philippines. A dance in commemoration of Michael Jackson was performed by 1,500 inmates at a local prison.And everything would be fine, but… prisoners?! Nevertheless, the guys did not lose face and danced perfectly. Rehearsals lasted a whole year under the direction of Jackson’s choreographers.

Looking at the guys, I even have doubts. Perhaps these are not prisoners at all, but experienced dancers dressed in prison uniforms? The performance evokes only delight and loud applause. I haven’t seen such an impressive flash mob for a long time!

As it turns out, the prison shown above is located in the Philippines, on the island of Cebu. In 2004, the authorities decided to conduct an experiment and create a new type of prison, where maximum attention is paid to human cultural development. Now prisoners dance here every day, and as an additional incentive, spectators are allowed to join them.

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