Robert Pattinson’s lover showed her figure 4 months after giving birth – fans doubted that she was pregnant

Robert Pattinson’s partner flaunts her stunning figure just 4 months post-birth, leaving fans questioning if she was ever pregnant. Check out her incredible transformation!

Frankness is clearly not Suki Waterhouse’s strong point. She married Robert Pattinson secretly, and her first photos with a rounded belly, and then with her first child, were obtained by the paparazzi. However, the rule does not apply to photographs of the model: she shared a shot in a swimsuit, and, for a moment, just four months after giving birth.

Note that she can easily afford this: judging by the star’s belly, she has excellent genes or a good trainer. Some subscribers even suspected that Suki was not pregnant at all – it is difficult to remember what other star recovered in such a short time. “Have you ever had a baby?”, “I pray that I look like this after giving birth,” “Where is the postpartum belly? You look amazing,” “Do you live in the gym?” — followers spoke under the post.

By the way, Suki gained 10 kilograms during her pregnancy. With this “extra” weight, in her words, she posed for the cover of Vogue. But even those shots caused delight among the celebrity’s fans – she didn’t even have to make excuses. In the same interview, by the way, she gave a rare comment about Robert, emphasizing that with him she was able to recover from a series of unsuccessful relationships.
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