What does the 15-year-old son of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt look like, who rarely appears in public: photo

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s 15-year-old son, who rarely appears in public, is causing a buzz with his recent photos. He grew up into a real handsome man. YOu will be amazed when you see his photos in the comments 

Last Sunday, Angelina Jolie went shopping in the company of her youngest son, Knox. Unlike his brothers and sisters, including his twin Vivienne , he appears in public extremely rarely. It is not surprising that the paparazzi were fully armed and immediately captured the guy as soon as he was next to the star mother.

What can I say, the resemblance to my parents is amazing! Knox, like his sisters Vivienne and Shiloh (these three are the only biological children of Pitt and Jolie), can hardly be distinguished from Brad and Angelina.

By the way, very soon – on July 12 – Knox and Vivienne will turn 16 years old. Despite the fact that the boys are still two years away from adulthood, Vivien is already making independent decisions regarding the difficulties in her relationship with her father. Against the backdrop of the enmity between Brad and Angelina, the girl refused her dad’s last name, thereby demonstrating whose side in their conflict she takes. What her brother thinks about this is unknown. However, the adopted sons of the actors have more than once publicly spoken out harshly about their father, speaking out in support of their mother.

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