She spends $600,000 to look like Kim Kardashian: ‘I regret it and I want to go back’

With the advance of the internet and life on social networks which is more and more part of our daily lives, we are sometimes inclined to model ourselves on famous people. Whether it’s actors, singers, or any other “VIP”, everyone can fantasize about what it would be like to be like them. We sometimes try to imitate his clothes, his hairstyle, his way of walking, but, unfortunately, some people even go so far as to want to look like him physically. By this we do not mean doing sports or dieting to get as close as possible to the ideal character, but considering the possibility of undergoing various surgical operations in order to obtain a certain result.

The woman in this story, a young model who has suffered over 40 operations to look like your favorite star, knows something about it. Let’s discover its story together.

Jennifer Pamplona is a 29-year-old Brazilian businesswoman who has always had a passion for the American actress and model Kim Kardashian. Her admiration and her desire to be like him were so strong that she decided to undergo more 40 surgeries over 12 years to look like him.

A long and arduous journey that also required a lot of money. In total, the woman ended up spending no less than $600,000, although that apparently didn’t satisfy her.

If you think the reason for this dissatisfaction is due to the lack of resemblance to his model, think again. What saddened the 29-year-old was the opposite, namely what she had always wanted. “People started calling me Kardashian and it gradually got more and more annoying,” Jennifer explains. I went through training and a journey to establish myself as a person, and to think that I was remembered, recognized and appreciated only because of my resemblance to her did not please me at all“.

So her biggest dream, once realized, turned into her worst nightmare and she started wishing that she could go back and find her old body and original appearance. That’s when the surgical machine kicked back in and she had to spend another large sum to reverse it: $120,000.

It had almost become a necessity to have surgery to change my appearance., said the young woman. I couldn’t live without it, but I realized that I wasn’t myself anymore, that I was doing something wrong, and I decided to stop. Going back is not easy, but I’m sure I’ll be better.”

Could she have thought of that sooner? We can’t give a definitive answer, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, sometimes we feel so transported towards something that we want it at all costs, without realizing that we have entered a negative spiral. Fortunately, Jennifer realized this and, although after a long time, she took the path of discovering her true self.

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