A grandfather can’t go to his granddaughter’s wedding: she travels 1,200 km to dance with him dressed as a bride (+VIDEO)

The wedding day is a very important event in a person’s life and that is why one wishes to have the people closest to one’s heart on such a day, but unfortunately, sometimes unforeseen events do not allow not to celebrate with all the desired guests. That’s what happened to 24-year-old Natalie Browning, an American bride who couldn’t have her 94-year-old grandfather by her side due to an inconvenience. However, the young girl did not give up on the idea: she flew 1,200 kilometers in her wedding dress to enjoy a moving “first dance” with her beloved grandfather.

image: Facebook / Natalie Napolitano

Natalie was very saddened when she learned that her beloved grandfather Nelson would not be able to travel from Florida to Virginia to attend his wedding: the man had suffered a stroke just two weeks before the big day. It had been months sincehe was looking forward to dancing with his granddaughter at the wedding reception, but his health did not allow him to travel.

Determined to see him, Natalie chose to surprise Grandpa Nelson by flying across the country in her wedding dress so they could experience this special moment together. The beautiful bride documented her journey in a moving video, where she is seen leaving the house in the early hours of the morning, proudly showing the camera her dress, wrapped in a pink protective bag.

picture: Facebook – @natalie.napolitano2

The video shows Natalie walking through the airport and boarding her plane. Immediately after, she stops for a second at the terminal to put on her makeup, in anticipation of the big surprise, then boards a large SUV to reach her grandfather’s house, where she has dressed in secret. Right after, she shows herself to her grandfather in her wedding dress and asks her to dance. Although he wasn’t feeling his best, Nelson managed to pull off some impressive moves on the makeshift dance floor, spinning his granddaughter around the room in a truly touching moment.

“Getting my wedding dress to the airport was difficult to say the least, but it was worth it when I saw her incredible reaction. He had been looking forward to dancing with me at the wedding for months, and I’m so glad I gave him the experience,” Natalie commented.

A magical and moving moment, don’t you think?

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