The girl got tired of hiding her baldness and shaved her head to show that she looked beautiful without her hair

Louisiana native Chloe Thomas noticed her hair falling out when she was 12. Her grandmother was quick to reassure her granddaughter, explaining that it was all down to stress and her penchant for weird hairstyles. The girl was losing more and more hair every year and did not tell anyone about it because she was ashamed of her condition.Then Chloe decided to go see the doctor, who told her she would go bald. The doctor prescribed treatment, but there were no visible results. Her hair continued to fall out at a disastrous rate. Thomas tried to cover his baldness with a wig.But his classmates found out. As a result, the girl stopped wearing wigs and turned to professionals who plucked her hair. The procedure didn’t come cheap, as Chloe had to buy expensive cosmetics to keep her hair feeling fresh and silky. When Chloe woke up in the morning of September 2020 to find a new lock of hair on her pillow, she was overjoyed. She took a razor and shaved off all her hair.To her surprise, Thomas found that she felt much better. A year and a half later, 26-year-old Chloe says shaving her head was one of the best decisions of her life. She now strives to help other women facing the same problem. His Instagram account has over 10,000 followers. Thomas knows from experience how important support and kind words are in such situations.

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