“In social networks – a daughter, but in life – a grandmother”: Madonna was filmed without filters and she looks in her 70s

Madonna, 64, has been pursuing the goal of staying forever young and beautiful for years.

For this, the singer went to great lengths, including operations. The pop star was so swept away by her looks that she didn’t notice how she went from a beautiful woman with her “locks” to some kind of humanoid (more: From a sex symbol to a ” drunken humanoid”: the beautician told of the procedures that disfigured Madonna, 63).

Madonna’s listeners repeatedly noted that she was literally obsessed with her appearance. Each new publication of the singer on the network is like a promo for an adult film. The Hollywood star isn’t shy about showing off her body in revealing outfits, lingerie, or even appearing naked in front of fans (read more: ‘Completely crazy’: Madonna, 64, showed off her puffy bust in front of the audience).

In addition, Madonna’s photographs are still subject to severe retouching. All the flaws and even the “highlights” of the singer are ruthlessly erased from her face. Smooth skin, a radiant complexion and the absence of even mimic wrinkles give the impression that the singer is at most 40 years old.

But that feeling instantly vanishes after Madonna gets “caught” by the paparazzi. Thus, the singer was filmed arriving at an evening dedicated to her book.

The Hollywood star wore her signature corset, fishnet tights and a black jacket for the event. But even the artist’s image did not attract more attention, but the condition of her skin. Madonna fans noted that in life she looked much older than on the network.

The singer has loose skin, there are deep wrinkles. And her famous bust completely lost its elasticity.

Of course, for Madonna’s age, this is completely normal, and she still looks great at her age. Too candid images of the singer visibly tired her fans. They think the Hollywood star is trying too hard to look like a young girl.

“How young you can be, I don’t understand”, “On the Internet a young woman, but in life – a grandmother”, “Everyone is trying to be young”, “How much the images of the Internet differ of life,” wrote netizens on social media.

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