Kenyan triplets and their chosen one

Identical Kenyan triplets Kate, Eve and Mary have been making headlines in their home country for a curious reason. They are dating the same guy and even considering marrying him – all together.

The chosen one of the three sisters is called Bigman Stevo. He enjoys the attention of the girls and the attention of the press, and claims that for him it doesn’t make much difference if he has one partner or three of them. The girls say Kate first met Stevo and told her sisters about him.

They approached him and asked him if he would like to date the three. And here they are together for several weeks, and very happy. The “fellow triplets,” as the reporters dubbed them, worked out a schedule of dates to make everyone comfortable, and Stevo happily complied.

“I used to watch his YouTube channel and one time I told my sister Mary about it,” Kate told Gotta News. “She admitted she was in love with him, and when we showed him to our sister Eva, we realized she loved him too. »

It's so unusual: Kenyan triplets and their chosen one

Despite the fact that all three sisters initially thought Stevo was handsome, they each fell more in love with him as they dated and got to know each other better. The girls assure that there is no jealousy between them, as they have established a schedule in which they all spend the same time with their boyfriends.

“We had planned for him to take turns taking us on a date on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, and then we had a date together on Friday night. Our condition is that he loves us equally; he must try with all his might to love us equally. »

It's so unusual: Kenyan triplets and their chosen one

Stevo, who describes himself as a businessman and content creator, told reporters that he always considered himself polygamous and that dating three women at the same time was not a big deal for him.

“I tend to believe that my love was not meant for one girl, and I was born polygamous, and everyone knows that,” he says. I’m still honest and faithful, and my exes left me because I told them, ‘I want to add one more girl.

It's so unusual: Kenyan triplets and their chosen one

I don’t want to cheat, I want to add more, and by a happy coincidence, these three blessings came to me exactly when they were needed.

According to the sisters, for the first time they have found themselves in a situation where they meet the same guy, and they are sure that there will be no “extra” girls in their relationship, no matter what Stevo says. to journalists.

Regarding marriage and plans for children, the sisters replied that they were in no rush and that the child would be a welcome gift, no matter which of them became the first mother. At this point, Stevo still can’t tell them apart half the time.

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