“From Stroller to Dream Home: A Remarkable Transformation Story!”

As practice shows, nothing is impossible for a purposeful person who has a dream. This indisputable truth was proven by an exceptional man who many years ago found himself without legs. Vyacheslav from Minsk managed to turn an abandoned store into his dream home.

This is how life went, a businessman from Minsk, Vyacheslav Vrublevsky, lost not only his legs, but also the business he tried to start, but did not work out. For several years he was engaged in the production of perfumes for bedrooms, but not the usual household perfumes that each of us is accustomed to. His company has developed special equipment and scents that are used in stores to attract customers. Who doesn’t remember the intoxicating smells of fresh rolls, although they were certainly not baked in the store? His designs also include office scents that make large rooms smell fresh, floral, forest, woody scents and more.

When the time came to expand production, at one of the auctions Vyacheslav managed to buy an abandoned store in the small village of Kotyagi, located not far from the capital of Belarus. At that time, the businessman, carried away by the new idea, did not yet suspect that these premises would not be allowed to be used for these purposes, since the unprofitable store is located in the center of the settlement, where he is forbidden to place such production facilities.

At that time, he and his family lived in a building where there are no facilities for disabled people, so most of them are forced to stay in their apartments. Vyacheslav was lucky, sometimes a business partner helped him out, but most of the time he stayed at home, although he had artificial limbs. It was then that he had the idea of ​​rebuilding the old store and turning it into the residential building he had always dreamed of. As a city boy, he had always been drawn to an independent life on land, but now health issues were creating insurmountable barriers, limiting freedom of movement.

Having calculated everything to the smallest detail and consulting with his wife, he decided on a grandiose repair of an absolutely unsuitable building. Friends, relatives and locals did not approve of this idea, considering it crazy, but the Vrublevsky family actively undertook the transformation. Specialists were invited to responsible and more complex work, since Vyacheslav, for obvious reasons, could not perform certain actions, and he was afraid to undertake unfamiliar processes, since neither he nor his wife had experience in construction and finishing works. Although, as he admits, most of the processes can be done independently without special skills, for example, plastering and painting the walls, laying the floor heating, gluing tiles in the bathroom, toilet or the kitchen, install the plumbing and electricity.

Of course, professionals had to reinforce the walls or redo the ceilings, but otherwise we can do without them. Thus, the idea arose that Vyacheslav and his wife would do the finishing work themselves in order to save money and speed up the process, since the 7th birthday of the son was approaching, who had to go to school in autumn. Parents wanted the child not to wander around different schools, but to get used to one place right away.

According to the editorial staff of Novate.ru, as soon as the communications were connected, the heating was connected and the minimum living conditions were organized, the family finally moved to the village. This simplified and accelerated the finishing work, since it was not necessary to constantly break down and go to town. The worried learned the essentials of finishing work thanks to the Internet and videos on the YouTube channel, where craftsmen and creative self-taught share their experience.

Having analyzed what is best for their house, Vyacheslav began to implement the most interesting ideas. Until the experiment with electricity, after a qualified electrician refused to help him. “I asked the master to wire the electricity so that the switches work for several rooms, so that from the living room you can also control the light in the kitchen and the hallway, from the hallway – in the living room and the kitchen, etc. . It’s more convenient for me – less movement. He replied that it was impossible. I read a little, spent a few hours – and did it. It turned out that everything is simple, ”says the resourceful owner.

In repair work, he was invariably helped by his wife, who learned how to plaster, align corners, pick up paint, etc. Together it turned out faster and better, although it still could not do without jambs and mistakes , but only they, the guests, can notice them who looked at the light, they certainly will not notice not. Moreover, knowing what kind of work an exceptional family had to do, it is unlikely that anyone would want to look for flaws in their creative search.

At the moment, the Vrublevskys have not yet reached the finish line, then finances will run out, then laziness will win, because most of the finishing work has already been done, and you just want to relax and relax . Such moments of relaxation are rare, the hosts and now they dream of a large terrace in the garden for snacks on summer evenings with a view of the countryside.

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