An ordinary woman: Cruz, 48, in a bodysuit captured on vacation

The stars are also aging, but some manage to keep their shape, wearing their beauty over the years. The other day, the paparazzi managed to capture Hollywood’s most famous Spaniard on vacation with her husband. Penelope Cruz gave her preference to a body perfectly highlighting her dignity.

“Classy woman”, “The most beautiful woman in Hollywood”, “For me personally, Penelope is the standard of female beauty”, “Javier and Penelope are the most beautiful couple in Hollywood”, “Luxury”, “Honestly , I don’t “I don’t understand the phenomenon of Penelope, an ordinary woman”, “There are Spanish women who are prettier”, “In my opinion, an amateur. Our women are in better shape,

“Without makeup, an ordinary aunt,” netizens wrote in the comments. What do our subscribers think? Are you interested in photos of the Spanish beauty?

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