64-year-old grandma went to the beach in a tiny bikini and won everyone over with her figure

It’s no longer a secret that a good figure is the result of proper nutrition and the presence of constant physical activity in life. The rule applies to almost any age. And there are plenty of women who can prove it by their own example.

So the network became famous 64-year-old Leslie Maxwell. Looking at these numbers, many will imagine a grandmother who can and is willing to do a lot, but obviously not show off her body. However, Leslie isn’t at all shy about doing it, believing she clearly has something to brag about.

Recently, an Australian woman posted a photo from the beach on her personal blog. In the frame, she posed in a tiny pink bikini. As accessories, Leslie chose a black cap and sunglasses. The woman let her hair down and opted for minimal makeup.

Photo Leslie has garnered a considerable number of comments. People sincerely admired his toned figure, abs and long legs. Some did not believe at all that Maxwell was actually 64 years old. His age could only be revealed by the condition of the skin on his hands.

Responding to comments from enthusiastic followers, Leslie noted that her secret to harmony is simple. A woman spends a lot of time in the gym and pays enough attention to the state of her body.

“Health is more than appearance. That’s how you feel. There is nothing better than having a healthy and strong body. No one else can do this job for you. You need to eat right, play sports, then age will not be terrible for you at all, ”the woman explained.

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