The cat who thinks it’s a lamb (Video)

Meet Steve, a charming ginger cat who has a very unusual clientele…a flock of lambs!

Steve, who lives in New Zealand, started life as an indoor cat. During the cold winter months, Amanda, Steve’s human, brought in her flock of lambs to keep them warm and that’s when something very strange happened, Steve became very good friends with all the lambs. Amanda explains: “He got used to them and spent time with them inside and then the lambs came out and we started noticing that Steve wasn’t inside anymore and we wondered where it was.”

They looked out the window and noticed that Steve was happy hanging out with the lambs. He has somehow become their leader and the lambs follow him wherever he goes.

Since then, Steve and his lambs have become inseparable and they do most things together, except when it’s bottle time and he waits patiently next door for them to finish their meal.

Watch the video here:

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