The love story of an unusual couple with a 37-year difference: the wife is 61 and the husband is 24.

Society has not yet accepted that couples with a big age difference can be happy. Everyone treats these relationships as mere calculations. Especially when the woman is much older than her partner. He is definitely considered an “alpha male”. This is precisely the story of this extraordinary couple. After all, the wife is 37 years older than her husband.

They met when the young man was only 15 years old. Clan worked for a small company owned by Cheryl’s son. Cheryl herself was single despite having seven children and 17 grandchildren.

Kuran therefore became his outlet. The age difference did not hamper the relationship and the happiness of lovers. As an adult, Kuran realized his feelings and confessed them to Cheryl. She accepted the feelings of the young man, despite the prejudices of society.

The two decided to get married. The lovers were horrified to find out how they were viewed by those close to them. Some of Cheryl’s children have turned their backs on her. Kuran’s relatives did not accept their old daughter-in-law. The couple faced criticism from acquaintances, people on the streets and even social media.

However, this did not affect their relationship. They grew closer and their love grew stronger. Kuran really wants to have children, but Cheryl is already 61. It could be dangerous for her. But they did not give up on this dream.

Together they will overcome all difficulties. Cheryl is now 61 and Clan 24. Cheryl is the same age as Kuran’s grandmother.

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