How is the daughter of singer Cher, who changed sex nine years ago, and what is she doing?

Cher is an extraordinary singer who has skillfully adapted to the changing tastes of her audience for over 50 years. Real name Sherilyn Bono Allman, she celebrated her 73rd birthday this spring.
In March 1969, Cher first became a mother when her daughter was born. Her daughter was named Chastity, after the heroine of the film of the same name.

Cher’s husband, Sonny Bono, who performed a duet with her, was thrilled to be with his daughter. Despite her busy schedule, she made an effort to spend as much time as possible with her family.

Chastity grew up as a withdrawn child. Because she was fat, she was often teased by her classmates, which made her cry.
Beautiful women’s clothes in plus sizes are hard to come by, and Chastity is slowly shifting to jeans and shirts. Eventually, she came to believe that she had no interest in clothes or cosmetics at all.

Growing up, Cher’s daughter came to accept that she didn’t have a thing for men. On the contrary, she is interested in fair-skinned women.
In 2008, Chastity began taking hormones and male aids, then underwent gender reassignment surgery. In 2010, the court ruled that the gender and name on the girl’s papers needed to be corrected. Since then, Chastity has officially become a man and has chosen a new name: Chaz Bono.

Chaz learned a lot on the difficult path to achieving his dream, and he put his knowledge into a documentary released in 2011, as well as a book about his life.

Chaz is now a human rights activist and works for a major magazine company; he has lost a few tens of extra pounds, has a girlfriend and is rapidly improving his appearance.
Chaz has had a career in the film industry. He starred in American Horror Story for two seasons and has other roles planned.

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