Adopted Rudy Berry is ‘still home’ from his mum at 34 – She fears being left alone ‘in the countryside like a recluse’

Adopted by the parents of Marilou Berry, Rudy Berry was only three years old when he met his famous mother, Josiane Balasko. She knew at first sight that he was the son she was waiting for. And since then, the man has been showered with love by his mother and sister.

Unconditional love was immediately born when Josiane Balasko saw the photo of the little colored child. Adopted at the age of three by Philippe Berry, who died on September 5, 2019, and Josiane Balasko, Rudy was welcomed into a charming family who already had a little girl, named Marilou, born in 1983.

Rudy and Marilou have become great accomplices over the years and have shared moments of happiness.

Although he was surrounded with love, it turns out that as a man of color, Rudy Berry’s life wasn’t always easy. Indeed, he told his mother that he was often arrested by the police.

However, this did not stop him from moving forward in life. Following his own path, the adopted son can perfectly count on his mother as well as on his sister to support him in his activity.

The impossibility of having a child

In February 2021, the series “I promise you”, the French version of the American series “This is Us”, was broadcast on TF1. On the bill, we notably saw Marilou Berry, the daughter of Josiane Balasko and Philippe Berry.

It turns out that the role of Maud has something in common with the actress who plays her. As we said above, Marilou has an adoptive brother named Rudy Berry.

It was during her appearance in “Le Divan” on France 3, in 2015, that Josiane Balasko told the touching story of her meeting with Rudy.

“At the time, I was 38 or 40 years old. I no longer had the energy to babysit. I had done it with Marilou and I was therefore not lacking in ‘pampering’ (…) When I was told that they had found a little boy who had no handicap, who was three years old and who was in Paris, we went to see him”,

delivered the mother who knew as soon as she “saw his photo” that he was her son, that she knew him.

She explained that it was “exactly the same feeling” as when she saw Marilou at the clinic when she was born. Sharing “a very tender relationship” with Rudy, Josiane Balasko confided that at 27, he remained in the family cocoon where he took root.

Well surrounded, his family has been a great support for him. His parents and his sister gave him unconditional love.

Raised in support and love with Marilou Berry

Despite being surrounded by artists from an early age, Rudy chose a completely different path. The young man officiates as a sports coach.

So little known to the general public, Josiane’s son was presented by his sister on Instagram in February 2019.

“This is my little brother, who loves being filmed. If you are in Paris and you want to suffer, but with a handsome kid, call my little brother”.

wrote the famous French actress and director.

Sharing a moment of complicity, she showed her subscribers a sports session with her beloved brother.

While Rudy prefers to be discreet, Marilou usually shares her snaps on social networks. You should know that because of his discretion, the man was checked several times by the police.

Rudy “suffered” from discrimination, as Josiane Balasko admitted, but “he doesn’t talk about it too much”.

However, it happened that the sports coach confided to his mother that “the cops had arrested him”, obviously not wishing to worry her. Moreover, as during their first meeting, mother and son have kept a strong bond during these many years.

Rudy’s adult life: close to his mother, who gave him a family

It was in the columns of Gala, in June 2019, that Josiane Balasko confided in her son. Born in 1986, the man in his thirties never fails to visit the woman who gave him a family.

“After staying at home for a long time, he now has his life…, but often comes back”,

said the ex-wife of Philippe Berry.

“Very affectionate” with his mother, Rudy Berry obviously shares a great bond with the latter. Invited to the set of “Passage des arts”, Rudy’s mother also gave more details about his adoption. She clarified:

“I adopted a child of color too. There is one thing to know is that, whatever happens, the child never blames you. When he is angry, it is against him.”

Far from wanting to “live alone in the countryside like a recluse”, Josiane Balasko likes to be surrounded by her family, especially her children. You should know that with Rudy, who is frequently at home, it can be filled.

It seems that the actress, who starred in “Les bronzés”, succeeded in raising her children. Moreover, during an interview, she made a point of honor on honesty.

“Not lying to others, but also not lying to yourself, which is sometimes more difficult. Be loyal and don’t do things that make you look in the mirror.”

These are the principles she wanted to pass on to Marilou and Rudy. Attached to family ties, Josiane rightly appears alongside her daughter in the film “My very dear children”, by Alexandra Leclère, released on December 15, 2021.

A story of retired parents, whose children rarely give news. Far from being the case of the mother of Marilou and Rudy Berry, who does not need to invent a lie to make them come back home.

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