A 7-year-old boy: “I want to join the Good Lord and die”

This is a terrible story that has just taken place in France, a 7-year-old child who is being bullied at school has delivered a moving testimony in a video where he wishes to die to put an end to bullying. of which he is a victim.

It is the daily Le Parisien which reports this terribly sad news which is going around the French-speaking web. Indeed, a video is going viral where we can see a 7-year-old child who is being bullied at school has given a moving testimony in a video where he wishes to die to end the daily bullying of which he is a victim.

In this video, he can be heard saying very shocking phrases like “I want to join the Good God for my turn. And him, stop hitting me”. Obviously, the child is crying on this video, he appears totally destabilized and completely depressed.

According to information relayed by Le Parisien, he is not the only one in his family who is bullied every day at school because his little brother is also being harassed and beaten by other students. school.

A hell that has lasted too long for the mother of two children who has decided to file a complaint so that this daily hell ends. Le Parisien explains that the mother of the family is completely disappointed to come to this but that she has no choice but to take drastic measures. Indeed, it is completely bewildering to have to file a complaint against a child who is less than ten years old.

The craziest part of all this is that the school does not want to get involved in this sensitive affair which involves very young children. She is really scared to make a decision or express an opinion regarding this terribly sad matter.

For its part, the gendarmerie did not wish to comment on the case because the latter is in progress. It is therefore a case to follow and we should have new information within the next few days and we look forward to having full light on this terrible story of intimidation.

Here is the sad video:

Indeed, bullying can go a long way and lead children or teenagers to terrible acts like Jonathan Destin, a 16-year-old teenager who decided to set himself on fire because he was bullied for six years. .

He lived daily with physical violence and verbal violence during lessons, during recess but also at mealtimes. He therefore had no respite for six years, which he pushed one day to commit the irreparable: commit suicide but not in any way.

Indeed, he decided to set himself on fire to be certain of ending his life. Unfortunately for him, he was arrested by the authorities before it was too late. He now has lifelong consequences, both physical and psychological, and that is not what we wish for these two young children who are being harassed in this primary school.

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