Three years ago she killed someone in an accident while she was drunk, she causes another terrible crash, drugged

A 31-year-old woman from Lo-Reninge, West Flanders, had caused a terrible accident while driving under the influence of alcohol. The driver is a repeat offender. In 2016, she caused the death of a young woman by driving at more than 150 km / h, she was driving while drunk. Apparently, she hadn’t learned the lesson.

It was June 4, 2016. That evening, the drunk driver was driving more than 155 km/h in her Volvo V40, while the limit is 90 km/h. She then hit a car coming the other way. The terrible accident caused the death of Elien Van Rickeghem. She was the companion of Drik De Vriese, a former professional footballer, he was driving at the time of the tragedy.

The investigation had determined that Lieselot M. was driving at 155 km/h in a zone limited to 90. She had 1.74 promilles of alcohol in her blood. The latter got away with a work sentence of 125 hours, a license withdrawal of 6 months and a fine of 3,000 euros. She knew the victim and had even been to his funeral.

Drunk, she hits another car

On May 11, the young woman caused a second serious accident. This time she had taken drugs and she was completely drunk. Instead of slowing down, she sped up, toasting a priority. She rammed another car, seriously injuring the driver. Fortunately, he survived.

The case is before the courts, would the judges be more severe because of the recidivism? In any case, observers hope that Ms. Lieselot will finally learn the lesson.

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