Netflix: account sharing becomes paid for several European countries

While Netflix has more than 223 million subscribers, the platform has decided to take action against account sharing. She proposes to charge for this practice in several countries and may well end up applying it worldwide.

Update – February 09, 2023

Netflix has been causing panic among users since the beginning of the year. The platform wants to put an end to account sharing and is implementing drastic measures. This Wednesday, February 8, a blog post on the subject was published by the streaming giant. Netflix will now charge for account sharing in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain.

People living in these countries will have to pay to share their account. In Portugal, the price will be raised to €3.99 per person. In Spain, subscribers will need to pay €5.99 more to continue sharing. In Canada, the price will be 7.99 Canadian dollars and New Zealanders will have to pay 7.99 New Zealand dollars.

Paid account sharing for Chile, Costa Rica and Peru

Netflix is ​​(temporarily) backtracking on its account sharing rules. A spokesperson spoke to The Streamable : “For a brief moment yesterday, a Help Center article with information that is only applicable in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, was posted in other countries. We have since updated it”.

Thus, the platform withdrew the additions made to its Frequently Asked Questions a few days ago. With this backpedaling, a simple approval is therefore always necessary from the account holder so that others outside the household can use the platform. However, the new measure is already applied in Latin American countries.

Password sharing in Netflix’s sights

In January, the company announced that changes would be made to accounts that shared Netflix using so-called password sharing, reports Mirror. The number 1 in streaming is preparing to end this form of use of the platform, because it wants to limit an account to a single household.

According to Netflix, more than 100 million households use sharing passwords and this has a negative impact on the business:“Today’s widespread account sharing (over 100 million households) compromises our long-term ability to invest in and improve Netflix and grow our business.”

A function called “paid sharing”

To compensate for this limitation, the company will soon introduce a function called “paid sharing”, which will allow users to pay extra to share their account with people outside their household.

The company hasn’t revealed when this new feature will roll out. or which regions will be affectedbut she confirmed that this option will always be cheaper than the full subscription.

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